May 19

Happy weekend, happy riding

The precise midpoint of my bike ride home from campus is downhill.

That has to mean something, right?

Apr 19

For just a moment …

… I was back.

Alas, I was just a passing through.

Apr 19

Bring on the weekend!

The morning show got a little maudlin today, but they wrapped up in style.

Shows we shot last night:

And now we go into a spring-themed weekend. I’m going to sand wood, ride my bike and look at the flowers. How about you?

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Apr 19

The points don’t matter

Saw this on the way to lunch. As sidewalk art and advertisements go …

Maybe I should be scared, or find this comforting. Just let it be quick?

We went to the theatre tonight:

I bought these two seats as a part of our Christmas gifts. These people behind us were not a part of the deal:

The show was Whose Live Anyway? which is, of course, the traveling live version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? The cast included Greg Proops, Jeff Davis, Joel Murray and Dave Foley. I’ve watched Proops for forever, but Dave Foley is … well, Dave Foley.

Before the show our section was given slips of paper. We were asked to write a sentence which might get used in the show. The slips were taken up and they were distributed to a few of the players. The bit was Murray and Foley who were sudden empty-nesters. At one point Foley reached into his pocket, pulled out a slip of paper and read my line, about his character’s daughter.

“She’s from Canada. You don’t know her.”

So a Canadian comedian I started watching 30 years ago said my line which, for about that same amount of time, has remained one of the simultaneously dumbest and most brilliant jokes I know.

It was a really fun show.

Mar 19

Back on the GoT binge

We’re making progress, which is more than you can say for some of these characters.

It occurs to me that you can actually get some classics out of this.