Always fun? Always fun

I had a meeting today. I was late to that meeting. I was late to that meeting because I had another meeting. It was a meeting about a meeting that will happen later.

All of that actually happened.

Also, the following sentence fell out of my mouth.

“I’m just doing some fact checking, because that’s always fun.”

It’s the lot of an editor. You have to look into things like phone numbers and hyperlinks and dates and times. There is something gratifying about it. The writer got this right, and good for him or her! And, you hope, that when someone edits you, they’ll also take the time to make sure you’ve gotten it right.

(Bring it home with something funny here. — Editor)

Anywhoodles (That’s not what I meant — You know whoodles) it wasn’t that I was editing, or fact-checking. The weird part wasn’t that I pronounced it fun as a sort of truth-in-sarcasm aside. Why did I have to add the word always?

It isn’t always fun.

You know what else isn’t always fun? (Rhetorical questions? — Editor)

No, that joke.

What isn’t always fun is email. I used to love it so much, back when they were fun. Now it’s just spam and work. And that’s when the email is even working. Outlook was a bit glitchy today. That’s never fun.

And now I’m writing about email. (Yep, that’s always a sign. — Editor)

Anyway, that photo up there? That was what I could see from where that second meeting was held. At least I had a view for an hour.

Having a view? That’s always fun.

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