This went hours without a title, which is saying nothing

I was somewhat surprised and pleased to see the last of the day’s sun, and a fancy little glimpse about what was transpiring to the west. I stood on the top level of the parking deck on a not-too-chilly evening and watched the birds dance in the sky.

There’s a medium height campus building just to the right. A hotel-turned-sorority-house-turned office building which has been described as “a mixture of wit, whimsy, forgetfulness and hard deadlines,” and, if that miniature description is correct, regret.

The birds don’t care. The building affords them a nice big and flat roof with commanding views of the blocks around them.

And if the birds care about such things, they have a nice seat for the occasional sunsets so long as they stick around.

When was the last time you saw a giant flock of birds? Maybe it’s a migratory issue, maybe I am always just in the wrong places, but it might be predation or poison or cell towers or climate change. I remember a childhood filled with aerial armadas of birds flying overhead. Now they stand out in their very rare, and comparatively smaller appearances.

Another fortunate thing was that I got to the house in time to see the last of the burning sky.

And, of course, the cats, who are doing great. Phoebe needs cuddles.

Lots of cuddles. The joke is that I come in and she tells me she has been neglected all day and needs pets right now and, of course, that’s patently false. She gets playfully scolded for the fibs I’m applying to her pet-me-pet-me-pet-me body language.

Sometimes she curls up on me and I think about when we first got these guys. She was, for whatever reason, standoffish with me for many many weeks. I would tell her then that she was missing out on some great cuddles and she’d figure it out. And she did!

Poseidon never had that concern. He’s been needy and cuddly right from the start.

He’s quite in-your-face about it.

And as the weather gets cooler, he’s returning to form. It’s purely about body heat, I’m sure.

This is the last week of classes before Thanksgiving break. Things are speeding up, rather than slowing down. But before you go today, how about some sports talk?

Here’s The Toss Up, which is slashing their way through a great episode on the early part of the NHL season …

And this is a brand new show, the TV people and the radio people are producing a new simulcast project. We’ll have them work on the framing of the shots a bit, and maybe get a second camera in there eventually. And hopefully have them add some pep to their morning step.

That’s episode one. And another new sports talk show is being launched this week, too. That’ll make four sports talkers. Three of them brand new this semester. People do like to talk about sports.

More tomorrow, another show, a new podcast and more … but probably no sports.

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