Catober Bonus

The 2020 edition of Catober has wrapped up nicely. We will now return to the generally regular Monday cat updates. But if that’s not enough, you can always follow Phoebe and Poseidon on their Instagram account.

There will be new stuff there just as soon as we get caught up from Catober. It’s this whole cycle, you see.

Anyway, so that you don’t have to end cold turkey, here are a few bonus Catober photos.

It’s kind of odd that they sit together, and especially this closely together. I think you can see that in Phoebe’s eyes, which is flashing that narrow slice of attitude between “This is my box, I was here first” and “HISS!”

Poseidon, you see, is kind of mean to his sister sometimes. His cuteness, when he’s on a roll, is almost enough to distract you into forgetting that:

Every cat likes the sun and, I think, Phoebe has charted the arc of that great ball of fusion in the sky. Sure, she’s sitting in the shade here, but she’s just waiting for the sunlight to move her direction, which it would just a few moments after this shot. Clever girl:

And cats, of course, like to get into things. So we had to put latches on our cabinets. But we left these two open for them since there’s nothing breakable or dangerous stored inside of them. And, as we have learned their personalities this year, leaving two available was the right choice. The only cat you’ve ever seen more jealous than one of our cats is the other of our two cats.

They will, from time to time, paw open these doors and have a look, or take a nap. The cats have cabinet meetings, where important items are discussed and resolved.

But seldom are there two cabinet meetings going on at once.

That’s all for now. Phoebe and Poseidon thank you for visiting them during Catober, and they really want to be your friend on Instagram.

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