That was a quick week off from blogging

Welcome back! It’s been a week away, and what a week! Let’s see what you missed … a few bike rides, a few runs, a good joke based on a 70-year-old book, and a nice mini-essay based on a 24-year-old book.

Also, I got to visit with the bunny that lives in the front yard.

So a full week, really.

And then on Friday night I had a lovely video chat with my sister. There were two videos on Saturday evening, and that’s how those have become second nature. You get invited to an anniversary party and then you just stop by with someone else to just catch up.

I feel like we should devote a room to this purpose. Comfortable chairs and good light, room for a good two-shoot. Something to consider.

Anyway, it was back to it today. Another week starts, a week before classes begin. Lots of emails and a flurry of text messages and Slack messages and if you can put a group into the loop we’re having to keep track of it messages. There are schedules to build and productions to arrange and tutorials to record and meetings to attend and scripts to write and two or three podcasts to record.

And webinars. Six hours of webinars this week. Six of 18 hours on the same platform this semester. Or maybe 27. Perhaps it is 36. The scheduling has made it difficult to determine. Suffice it to say that, at the end, I’ll be well versed on a new tool we’ll soon be using.

I did three of those hours today, and then wrote a 300 word summary for others. It turns out it isn’t that difficult to get 180 minutes of highly specific material down into a few paragraphs. You just have to let your readers infer a few dozen important things.

At any rate, the pace is picking up as we get closer to the semester, as it should. And that’s good!

But how have the cats been since we checked in with them now two weeks ago? Just dandy, thanks for asking.

Phoebe is still showing off, this time on one of her cat trees.

And Poseidon is seen here taking a nap on the stove top cover.

We made that thing out of leftover wood to keep cat paws off hot stove eyes and it’s now one of their favorite spots.

We sat on the deck one lovely evening last week, and they were most distressed.

Watching a cat meow and not being able to hear it is one of the small pleasures. You should take advantage of the small pleasures. The good thing is there are a lot of those out there.

Take a day and jot each one down as you run across it. You’ll be surprised how the list starts to stack up.

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