A walk through the woods

It was definitely a get-outside sort of day today. So I traipsed through the woods for lunch, and saw these young red-tailed hawks who were on the prowl:

Flowers I found down by the creek bed:

The trees are finally getting ready to speak their piece around here:

I’m still trying to figure this out …

… it’s a managed field surrounded by woods that’s out of immediate use and there’s that old tree just waiting. I am pretty sure I am on someone’s prop —

I am from the South, as I feel compelled to remind people all the time. So that sort of thing isn’t odd to me at all. Someone was burning things and they sat out there to monitor the fire.

But I have also read a lot of the Southern Gothics, and this little setting just off to the side was a bit more unnerving:

When authors write about the trees and hills, this is the sort of thing many of them have in mind, I am sure of it:

And just a small batch of pretty wildflowers I saw on my walk:

On the way back inside, the geese:

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