Here’s a thing

You’ve got your mirrors. And you’ve got your planes. And, in retrospect, putting the two together was a big idea. Maybe no one figured on putting one on the side of the fuselage. I suppose it was an aero thing. And there’s not a rearview mirror because you can’t see out of the back of the plane.

Why, yes, we’re still nursing our way through pictures from last week. Why not? There’s good stuff here! How often do you get to see the lights on the landing gear of a 757?

I like the access panels. I don’t know why. They’re not really any different than an electrical outlet cover, or the gas door on my car. Maybe it is the writing:

How do they move the cargo off the planes? With the help of a lot of tiny, tiny wheels. Rust optional:

The next time I get a squished box, I’ll have to keep this in mind. They really do put a lot into these cargo containers:

They look like this, those containers. Their exterior shape is dependent upon where it is designed to go inside the plane. No space is wasted.

It’s interesting. You think your package is late or lost and wonder how that could be. How could they get this wrong? Why not do this one thing this other way, which corresponds with the idea I just came up with? And then you go to a distribution node, see a tiny slice of the operations working on one plane for a few minutes at one of the dozen or so hubs around the world and you realize: you really don’t know anything about this. It’s a modern miracle that it works so frequently. It’s amazing your things can cover such great distances in such a short time. We live in amazing, squished box times.

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