Well then …

Me and the moon tonight, on a solo 5K run.

Though, really, it might have been 6 p.m. by then. Who can say this time of year?

I told The Yankee to run without me because my schedule is weird and if she waits for me she’s going to be running at night and that’s not her favorite thing to do. So she can running earlier some days and I can run later in the evenings. One interesting thing about that, I figured, is that I could try to do some different things.

So I decided I’d try to work down below an arbitrary 5K time goal. Pick a round number and sneak in a run just under it. Big sprints at the end count, after all. This would take a few days or a couple of weeks, I figured. And then I did it on the first attempt. I got in a great last mile.

Which means I have to come up with another time goal. And, friends, the followup goals are always more difficult than the initial ones.

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