The holidays, in a toe box

Early morning, parking lot walk philosophy:

There are a few corollaries here, too, of course. The longer you endure it, the sharper the stone. The sharper the stone, the bigger it feels. The bigger it feels, the more tender-footed I am.

Isn’t it interesting how the pebble can bother you off and on? You can forget it is even there if it slips to the right part of the shoe. But then it always comes back. And what does one do when they remove the pebble? You just put it back in circulation.

There is no end to the metaphor here, I’d bet.

Allie is back to her comfortable napping:

And we’re back to the regular schedule. Except regular this time of year means getting into that end-of-semester rush and the holidays blitz. The days will go quickly, and there won’t be enough time to do the things you need to do. Or is that just me? There won’t be enough days and you’ll hobble through them as best you can. Or is that just me?

Maybe it is the pebble.

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