That looks pretty comfortable

Sometimes, the sofa is comfortable. Sometimes it isn’t. It all comes down to where you are and how you are and how you’re feeling. It shows its age every now and again, and it is getting to that point where you sometimes have a two-point maneuver to exit the thing. But it still sleeps pretty well.

Or so I thought.

Sometimes the sofa isn’t comfortable. You could sit on any of the chairs or any of the beds or, really anywhere. But sometimes you find yourself on the sofa and it just isn’t working. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit your needs.

Which is why we have throw pillows:

I bought gas this morning:

This is notable only because of how little I have to do that now. This is I think the second, but definitely no more than the third time I’ve filled up this year. Used to be a once-a-week thing. But, now, my commute is a little over four miles, and we carpool and I ride my bicycle when circumstance allows, so I don’t have to get gas very much. That’s a nice improvement.

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